Why is this good?

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I'm not trying to be snarky, or shit on the game or anything. Since it came out, this game has gotten some fantastic word of mouth, and now it's up for the grand prize at the IGF awards. However, from the quick look, it doesn't really look like there's much to this thing.

Don't get me wrong, burning things can be great fun, and it genuinely looks like a good time. I'm just curious where the praise is coming from. Is this game more than it seems? Or do they just come up with exceedingly interesting ways to burn things as the game goes on?

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Remember Frog Fractions?

Basically that, except the bulk of the game IS what you saw and the "holy shit" part is the last 30 minutes.

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It's all the last half hour.

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Wait, there was a Quick Look of this game? I can't find it.

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Little Inferno was my 3rd best game of the year last year, it's a fantastic game. It's not just the ending, I enjoyed tge gameplay too.

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People have whined that it's trying to be pretentious, but it has clever writing, atmosphere, and subverts expectations in an interesting way.

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@buttle826: Spoilers abound, but this article about the Wii U sums up Little Inferno. (If the article sounds familiar, perhaps you read it when it was posted in Worth Reading: 12/7/12)

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So, it's something I should just watch instead of having to spend hours throwing random objects into a fireplace?

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@BeachThunder said:

So, it's something I should just watch instead of having to spend hours throwing random objects into a fireplace?

The game is very atmospheric, I'll admit, but yeah. You can pretty much just get the meaning by watching the last half hour.

Or you can just click this.

It turns into an adventure game and deconstructs Zynga-esque timesinks.
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the humour thrown into the item descriptions and the way the narrative is handled throughout is masterful. it's definitely not a game about the gameplay. its theme will eventually make this clear.

it was actually during the wii u livestream.

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I haven't played the game but I read the article.

It's weird that a game would try to convince you not to play it. Then again, I guess it's no stranger than something like Robocop or Manhunt condemning violent entertainment.
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If you have issues or you ever wanted to be a pyromaniac this is a game for me... I mean you!

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