How do I delete scores so my girlfriend isn't jealous?

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So as many of you may know, LBP is a great game to play with girls, they just love it. I played with my ex girlfriend and she set a bunch of high scores on the levels which was great at the time. Now my current girlfriend is playing the game and there are my ex girlfriends scores all over the place, giving her a metaphorical raspberry. I deleted my ex's profile from my PS3 but her scores still remain in LBP. I also don't want to delete my scores and progress in the game but I need to find a way to delete just my ex's stuff. I read something about saving player profiles, so maybe i could save mine and my girlfriend's and wipe the LBP data from my ps3 and then reload them. Does anyone know if there's an easier way to go about this?

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You may be dating the world's pettiest woman if this bothers her.

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READ: Tell her to grow up.

I'm a dick, but that's silly if she is really jealous. If not, have faith in your lady for being higher than giving a fuck about that.

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