WTF disconnect

#1 Posted by lolak47 (274 posts) -

been playing some MAG today last 2 games i've been disconnected from the game after like 20 mins play and get no XP from it WTF is going on

#2 Posted by Lyniz (123 posts) -

Problem with your local internet? 

#3 Posted by lolak47 (274 posts) -

nope im still always signed in PSN and net works the game just discconects me like 20 mins in sucks

#4 Posted by Lyniz (123 posts) -

i always say ---> third time's the charm?  I hoping that never becomes a real problem.  Love that game!

#5 Posted by ryuken (111 posts) -

I've been disconnected about 3 times (including last nights maintenance shutdown) and I've been playing since the game came out. just log back in. (x_x)
#6 Posted by Ineedaname (4276 posts) -

It's happened to me a few times, I was playing last night and a few times it says "server shutting down" or "unable to connect to server". It only happened later in the night though. Say around 1am Uk time.

#7 Posted by Lyniz (123 posts) -

i played from 12 midnight - 2:30am central time with no lag and no drops.  That shit runs amazingly well.   Zipper does a server update every weekday from 3am-4am eastern time or something like that.   i wish i would have written it down, the game tells you when the scheduled maintenace is when you first boot up the first time you play.

#8 Posted by GeneralMojo_786 (240 posts) -

the game just came out, give it time to breath

#9 Posted by l4wd0g (2208 posts) -

I've been having this problem too. Once just a few seconds before we won the match (I play Raven so a win is a rare occurrence). I would like to achieve something in the game every now and then.   
Is it possible that the game is being hosted through one player, so if they quit we all suffer (like MW2)?

#10 Posted by Lyniz (123 posts) -

the game runs on dedicated servers.

#11 Posted by Snail (8770 posts) -

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