Any Giant Bomb players?

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So I've been toying with the idea to get back into MTG for a while now, but don't really have anyone local to play with. So I've decieded that when I next get paid I'm going to invest in an account and see how it goes. At first I'm just going to spend the initial account creation cost and see what I can get on the cheap/for free, probably creating a pauper deck in the process.
But as the title suggests I was wondering if there are any players here on Giant Bomb. If there is it would be nice to be able to play a few matches and bounce deck ideas of each other. Especially since I've been reading that some of the players can be right douche's when you're trying to test out a new deck aggainst an opponent.
So anyone play it?

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I dabbled in the past and I just recently tried to do a booster draft of the newest set (Rise of the Eldrazi), but I really don't like the set up right now of paying that much for digital cards. If Leagues were implemented again (they might in the new Magic 4.0, browser-based version due in late 2010/early 2011), then I would definitely be doing it more.
As it stands, I am confining myself to playing Magic in person with my two best friends every two weekends or so.

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I still have my physical cards, but never found someone to play with. If you want to go cheap then why don't you get Magic the gathering on Xbox Live or Steam? It's pretty damn good and accurate. Or try to find the old Magic the Gathering PC game that came out a long time ago.

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I'm downloading this now and am going to give it a go.  I enjoyed playing ten years ago when I was at school and could find plenty of people to play with, but since going to university and then moving around with work I never found a stable group to play with again.  Duel of the Planeswalkers reminded me how fun the game could be even without the deep deck creation side. 
Just a bit worried I won't be able to have any good games without investing a few hundred £'s in cards.

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Add me: 1UStasis

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Hey guys, I just thought I would give a shout to see if any bombers are currently playing this. I'm Luchadeer on there, so hit me up if you want.

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I've been playing off and on for a few years. Anyone interested in starting a GB clan in MTGO? PM me and I'll set one up.

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I haven't played it in months. I do recommend Pauper though, or Standard Pauper. Regular Pauper can be surprisingly expensive given its name. Some cards' prices are driven through the roof because of their effectiveness in Pauper.

Another great format to play online is 3-4 player Commander, but only in the old client. I haven't tried Commander in the beta client except over a year ago when the client was relatively new, and back then the client sucked for Commander. Problem with Commander is that new players play slower, which holds up the game. However it is a relatively budget-friendly format and that is why I recommend it.

Another budget friendly format is 100 card singleton. I stopped playing it though for two reasons, 1) I'd rather play commander (which is similar enough) 2) some people playing this format make matches with sideboards. Sideboarding in a singleton format is ridiculous! It takes forever! And don't sideboards kind of ruin the point? It's 100 card singleton, the entire deck should be your sideboard!

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I do drafts on MTGO pretty often but don't really play other formats because I don't really like managing a virtual card collection. PsychoPenguin on there if you want so send a buddy request.

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I've played a bit of classic pauper. There are no longer any daily events since the great event debacle of the end of last year so I sort of lost interest. Any interested in setting up a clan with me and trying to collect fellow GB users. I don't really have anyone else to talk to about Magic. I'm D4RKSH33P there btw.

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