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Magician Lord title screen
Magician Lord title screen

Magician Lord is a side-scrolling adventure game in a fantasy setting. It was originally released in 1990 for the Neo Geo MVS arcade hardware and as a launch game for the AES home console.


Magician Lord takes place in the fictional realm of Gadasius. The land had been terrorized by an evil wizard called Gal-Agiese , who brought with him legions of horrific monsters. The ambitious wizard sought to raise Az-Atous, the spirit of destruction. He was stopped by the appearance of a powerful Magician Lord, who was able to seal the wizard and the demon within eight volumes of sorcerer's books.

Peace was enjoyed in Gadasius for hundreds of years, until suddenly the seal on the eight books was broken. Gal-Agiese and Az-Atous escaped and the eight books were scattered across the land. Once again, a Magician Lord emerged to fight them. His name was Elta, and he must travel the world to find the eight books and stop Gal-Agiese.

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