Did anyone try this game.. or a game like this?

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If so, what was it like?
When I first heard about this game.. I thought it was both really cool.. and really creepy...
Imagine being at work.. doing some mundane stuff.. then you get a fax.. or an email.. or a phone call.. with some real conspiracy-like message!   It would creep me the hell out  :D. 
Would you ever like the game's "alternate reality" gameplay to be implemented in future games?

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I played it but only for a short time. It was really an awesome idea. You would get phone calls and emails from people inside the game trying to help you out. The story was the pretty typical conspiracy theory stuff but what made the game was getting calls on my cell phone and random emails. My only problem was I was still living with my parents at the time and they only had dial up. The lag on the videos was so insane that I couldn't deal with it so I stopped playing. It was such a cool premise and I honestly wish someone would do something like this again. Imagine playing a game online and offline. It might be annoying getting calls at work but who cares it's part of the game!

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imagine if you worked for the FBI and you was playing it and you got a call about a murder and you spend all day investigating the murder from the game and only realised your mistake at the end of the day when you was putting your coat on and going home.

just imagine that

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Jeff has definitely talked about this game a lot lately, and I think it's time to revisit some of these ideas for something more video-gamey than the current ARG's on the market.

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It's a fantastic game. But besides that, be warned that multiplayer does not work on steam. We just discovered this on the GB mumble.

You can LAN with Hamachi, but these lazy jerks won't do it :(

Edit: Wait. Haha, I thought this forum was Majesty 2. Whoops.

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