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Mine! All Mine!

Yeah, so back in the day Manic Miner is a game I played for hours and hours. It was basically my introduction into the gaming world and holds many great memories for me. The whole family used to gather around taking turns once someone had died. Quite funny now I think about it, if you put it into perspective it was kind of like what the wii is today.

The game has you as Willy the Miner, who has to battle himself through the mines facing such enemies as mutant telephones and such. You have to jump obstacles, make timely runs and have tremendous patience. Patience wasn't as much as a problem back then, as there really wasn't anything out that I could compare it too and well...I was playing a computer game for the first time so the excitement was probably over-powering any kind of boredom I may experience with today's game.

The game is tremendously difficult, but that was half the fun and when someone actually managed to get through a level they were looked upon as a god. I can only base my review from my memories as a child playing it, it probably wouldn't interest alot of people today, but through the experience of playing it, I can see how it has influenced the games we play today and Im proud to have been around when it was released.


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