marajade312's Mario Party DS (Nintendo DS) review

A great game to play with friends

Mario Party DS is a great game. It takes all the fun from the other Mario Party's and turns it in to a great game to play. The controls are super easy to pick up, and there's sooo many things to do.
On story mode you play through 5 different boards, with a boss battle after each board. After everyone has gone a turn, you play a minigame. This happens 10 times, since you have 10 turns.
On party mode you basically do the same thing as story mode, except you can pick which board you want to play(as long as you have unlocked it) and you don't have to do the boss battles.
Minigames are a lot of fun. There's so many to choose from. They range from simple things like tapping the screen to harder things like running around on a path thats constantly changing colors and turning black so you can't see all the pits.
Puzzle games are challenging. You have to think quickly, or else!
The gallery is cool because you can see what you've unlocked by playing Mario Party. And, you can see all your high scores and compare them to what the staff scored. Its super hard to beat their times, but I did it a couple of times. There's also a place where you can hear all the sound clips from the game. In order to unlock this, you have to complete story mode with one character.
This game is great, but its even better when you play with a friend or 2 or even 3! You can play the whole game off of 1 cartridge. This is a must get game for mario fans and party fans everywhere!
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