DLC characters worth it?

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So I've really been getting into Marvel (specifically the X-Men) in the past few weeks, so obviously Marvel Ultimate Alliance is on my mind. 
Finding the 360 game itself for like $10 is no problem, but finding a version with the DLC characters on-disc makes the price jump up considerably.  that version is $22 on Amazon and tends to be like $30 anywhere else. 
It'd be one thing if I could just change my mind later and buy the DLC, but it's not available on the XBLM anymore (which makes no sense to me).  Most of the DLC characters are pretty much core Marvel dudes, but...man, steep price.  are any of the DLC characters so much fun to play that i'm potentially missing out on $12-20 of value by getting the not-so-gold edition of the game?

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@DevWil: Just to be sure, we're talking MUA1 here right?  I didn't know they took down the first game's DLC too, but I guess it makes sense.  It's because of Disney buying up Marvel, jsyk.
If it's a chore to find the Gold edition or the PH version, then it's not really worth it.  The characters are nice and everything but there's no real big difference.  They mostly have the same type of attacks as the normal cast, so you're not missing anything major.  There are achievements tied to each DLC character, if that's means anything to you.  But without the DLC characters, the game is still a blast, especially coop.
One last thing, you may want to try your local Toys R' Us.  Last time I checked mine out, it had a shelf space for the PH edition of MUA, so it stands to reason that they might have a copy with the DLC characters.   It's $20 I think, if that floats your boat.
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 yeah, MUA1.  seems like it's a time-consuming s-rank, so i'm not sure achievements are going to factor into my decision. 
also, fyi, i'm pretty sure MUA2 DLC is available until the end of this year.  it's come up a bunch in my attempts to search for what people think about the value of the first game's DLC.
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@DevWil:  If I recall, it was taken down for a time, but the outcry was so strong, they brought it back for a limited time.

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