PS3s Mass effect 1 comic

#1 Posted by Rand (65 posts) -

Hello fellow bombers

I got my Mass effect 2 in the mail today. started a new game with standard male shepard. and was expecting the comic thing of Mass effect 1 to start.
I did watch the QL of the PS3 version so i did know that there would be a comic.
But the comic did not start at all and i got into the game with me not saving Wrex and with the council dead and i could do nothing about it.
is it because the PSN is down? or have they stoped shipping it in the game as my verison has all the DLC in it.
Im not to far in the game so i will gladly start a new game if someone know what to do.
Hope anyone have a answer as i did really look forward to play this game this weekend

#2 Posted by Klaptos (186 posts) -

Im not sure, but I think the comic comes with the cerberus network download. If thats the case, then you'll have to wait for psn to come back online =\

#3 Posted by p_p_o_d (565 posts) -

Its part of the cerberus network thing so you need to use the code that comes in the box to download it from the PSN store.

I guess you wont be able to get it until the store is back

#4 Posted by Rand (65 posts) -

wow fast answers:D

guess i will have to wait for PSN to get back up then:( as i dont want to play the game with Wrex and the council dead

thanks for the help guys

#5 Posted by jkuc316 (1002 posts) -

At least the DLCs are pre-installed in the game.

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