Vanguard Charge

#1 Posted by n00bosaurusRex (178 posts) -

I definitely missed something important... I can't figure out how to use the Vanguard's charge ability when I'm not targeting an enemy (for flanking, running etc).  I know I saw him doing it in the Vanguard preview vid.   I'm playing on the 360, has anyone figured it out?

#2 Posted by captainduncan (33 posts) -

I'm pretty sure you can only use it on a targeted enemy :( Sorry, bud.

#3 Posted by DonChipotle (3008 posts) -

Set it to RB or LB. Select it. Then press the assigned bumper.

#4 Posted by kitaekatt (33 posts) -

Vanguard charge is only for enemies!

#5 Posted by n00bosaurusRex (178 posts) -

So they patched that out from whatever build we saw in the vanguard video they released awhile back?  That sucks :(  I totally picked the Vanguard so I could do that

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@n00bosaurusRex: Man, he probably just missed the enemy :P Or it died before he got to him.
#7 Posted by thehexeditor (1436 posts) -

zomg kitae is Christina Norman, the narrator for the ME2 class videos
#8 Posted by Jayross (2647 posts) -

The charge ability is pretty dumb, it brings you to the middle of the action so you can get shot up, and its not even that effective.

#9 Posted by grotto (18 posts) -

I don't know what you guys are talking about, I have definitely charged to a clear area without enemies.  Just bring up your power in the pause menu, point where you want to go, and hit A (on the xbox). The combo is overload, charge, incendiary shotgun - dead (my solution for big krogans). Charge is definitely powerful.

#10 Posted by n00bosaurusRex (178 posts) -

Thanks grotto, I'll try that when I get home.  If I can get that to work I might switch back to veteran.

#11 Posted by n00bosaurusRex (178 posts) -

I just rewatched the video.  When they were flanking an enemy or running away, they were charging to OTHER enemies in both cases.  I guess I missed that the first time around.

#12 Posted by MrOldboy (1036 posts) -

I think the charge has been very useful, especially if there are a few enemies close to eachother. It knocks them all back, and since sprinting and getting into cover has improved alot I dont have a problem getting out of the action once I empty my clip. The shockwave has been less effective for me, I would rather have pull to get enemies out of cover.

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@Jayross said:
" The charge ability is pretty dumb, it brings you to the middle of the action so you can get shot up, and its not even that effective. "
It is tricky to use right, but when you use it correctly you will cut a swath of destruction through the enemies.  You also need to level it up, fast.  Once leveled up, every time you charge you refill a massive portion of your shields.  You basically want to charge a cluster of 2-3 enemies (or 1 enemy if it is something like a krogan) and take them out as fast as possible.  Then duck behind cover, reload, and charge again.  Try to charge for isolated enemies or enemies in the back (the enemy is less likely to turn and fire on you if you charge past them.) 
Avoid charging Heavy Mechs, only charge things with shields and armor if you have the flamethrower.  It will melt stuff in seconds.
#14 Posted by Andorski (5456 posts) -

Charge is tricky to use offensively.  When charging, you always want to look for enemies near cover, so that you can use the cover after charging into them.  You also need to make sure that the cover you plan on using doesn't have any enemies in flanking positions.
As a defensive measure, it kicks ass.  You can quickly get rid of any enemies that get past your cover.  You can also use it to quickly charge your shield.  I had a bit of a hard time using Charge in the beginning.  Now its easily the most fun power to use in the game.

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