Create your OWN Mass Effect 3 ending!

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It's come to my attention that some people have become unfairly upset about the Mass Effect 3 ending. So I have come up with a plan that can please everybody. Even people happy with the ending can enjoy in creating a new ending for the series with my system!

Following this template, you also can create however you want the game to end with little to no imagination too!

In Mad-Libs tradition, you simply fill in the following blanks, sit back, read your newly created ending, and enjoy the ride. Unfortunately you will have to picture the outcome in your mind, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it will be very easy to do, with the help of my non-patented system!

1 - Verb

2 - noun (object)

3 - Color

4 - Irregular verb

5 - Mass Effect Character

6 - Mass Effect Character

7 - Mass Effect Character

8 - verb

9 - celebrity

10 - answer 1, past tense

Here are a list of my examples :

1 - hump

2 - wallet

3 - chartreuse

4 - inbreed

5 - Barla Von

6 - Richard Jenkins

7 - Harbinger

8 - giggle

9 - Burgess Meredith

10 - humped

After amassing all of the galaxy's military prowess, Commander Shepard is finally ready to take down the Reapers! Going down to Earth, he fights his way through a semi-exciting battle to get past a reaper, and into some kind of light beam that transports him to the Citadel. After meeting Admiral Anderson, and having a pleasant conversation with The Illusive Man; Commander Shepard is confronted by some kind of Ghost Baby. The Ghost Baby explains to him that there are a multitude of ways that the galaxy can be saved or destroyed, and Commander Shepard must pick one. Making the obvious choice, Shepard chooses to 1________ the reapers! But the decision has a cost. It costs Shepard his 2________. Exploding forth from the citadel, a brilliant ball of 3________ light begins to envelope the galaxy, affecting all Reapers. As quickly as they came, they 4________, never to harm the galaxy again. Right as this is happening, trusty Normandy pilot Jeff "Joker" Moreau makes an inexplicable break for a Mass Relay! He makes the jump, being chased by the same 3________ energy as the ball of power. He makes it out just in time in a dramatic fashion that doesn't at all resemble the ending of Independence Day! Finally he crash lands on the nearest planet to the random mass relay he comes out of, which happens to have a breathable atmosphere, and seems safe enough. The battered Normandy shuttle door opens, and we see pilot Jeff "Joker" Moreau emerge from the ship. With him comes his good friend 5_______, and shortly after that 6________ and 7________ come out also. They seem happy enough. But wait! Suddenly it is revealed that a vague N7 pile that could be Shepard suddenly 8_________s to prove that Shepard might be alive! Roll Credits. After the credits, we see 9________ telling his grandson a touching story about how the great Shepard 10________ the reapers, even though he had no way of actually knowing that happened. The End.

Have fun!

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