Favorite multiplayer classes/weapons? What are you still missing?

#1 Posted by SpaceInsomniac (4202 posts) -

I finally unlocked every class tonight. I'm still missing the Black Widow.

My favorite class / weapon setup has to be the Geth Infiltrator with my N7 Valiant sniper rifle, combined with damage and piercing mods. I can see enemies through walls, I can shoot them through light cover, and I can turn invisible to escape danger / give myself a massive damage boost.

So, what about you? What class and weapon setups have you found to be your favorites?

#2 Posted by onan (1332 posts) -

Asari Adept/Justicar + Carnifex/Paladin. Alternatively, if it's not glitching out, the most fun I was having was with the asari vanguard + Shiruken X or Carnifex. Still missing the ultralight materials though, which sucks.

I really don't like any weapons other than the heavy pistols. My first shot usually misses, which is disastrous for sniper rifles and shotguns, and SMGs/Assault Rifles don't feel like they've got enough punch for me.

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Either Turian class, they're still my favorites. Turian Solider with either the Hornet, Tempest or Geth SMG and you are unstoppable. While Turian Sentinel with fully upgraded Heavy Wrap and Chain Overload allows the Sentinel to take down any defense.

Missing a few N7's, but other than that nothing.

#5 Posted by innacces14 (739 posts) -

@SpaceInsomniac: You stole my favorite class/weapon. haha I bypass proximity mines altogether though and boost melee damage and make that my CQC weapon.

Buuuuut if I have to pick a second favorite it would be...

@SmasheControllers said:

While Turian Sentinel with fully upgraded Heavy Wrap and Chain Overload allows the Sentinel to take down any defense.

*sigh* Fine. My third favorite would be the Quarian Engineer. Put nothing into fitness and up'd her Cryo Blast and Incinerate to give the rest of the team a chance to shoot fish in a barrel. Feels good to know they ain't nothin' without you.

Also missing both widows, javelin, wraith, Asari Justicar, and the Batarians.

#6 Posted by Dany (8018 posts) -

Asari adept is the best class in the game. Love warping the throwing them.

#7 Posted by drGiggless (225 posts) -

I don't have this game, so i'm missing all the weapons.

#8 Posted by Galiant (2211 posts) -

Batarian Soldier with Graal Spike Thrower is pretty cool.

I'm missing most classes, weapons and mods.

#9 Posted by WiqidBritt (582 posts) -

for a while my favorite was the batarian soldier (with a Mattock). explosive blades. so much fun. but I have gotten a bit bored with him, tonight I ran with a salarian infiltrator with a claymore, that was good fun too.

the only character I'm missing is the Geth Engineer, and I only have the Paladin, Saber and, Black Widow for the Ultra-Rares. also missing the Valiant from the N7 weekend operations.

#10 Posted by StarvingGamer (8951 posts) -

Geth Engineer with Geth SMG
Asari Adept with Phalanx
Salarian Infiltrator with Widow
Krogan Soldier with N7 Crusader and Striker
Turian Sentinel with Vindicator

#11 Posted by BRich (444 posts) -

Salarian Infiltrator or Engineer with a Carnifex is the most survivable class in the game (constant Energy drain spam, decoy/cloak).

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