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Finishing the Fight update #1 -- Mass Effect 3 w/DLC

I'm some portion of the way through Mass Effect 3, and its been interesting. I kind of can't believe how far I was led astray by the chatter surrounding the game this past year. To the point: I really like Mass Effect 3.

I don't know how far I am, really. If I were to guess, I'd say somewhere between 1/2 and 2/3. I just finished the Quarian arc. But my green bar is most of the way full, and the only major race I haven't really recruited is probably the Asari, and I think I just got pointed in their direction.

The sidequest/scanning stuff is kind of strange, but its not the big problem that I feel like I was led to believe. It is a little cognodiso, but not in this big gamebreaking kind of way. For the most part, I feel like its a better mechanical alternative to the scanning in ME2, which in my mind's eye took up endless hours of puttering about the universe.

SPOILER -- I would much rather have had Legion join up again, instead of Tali. Maybe I'm just bitter for never having closed the deal with Tali in 2, something that was the result of a rogue dialogue choice, along with a reckless saving policy.

I've tiptoed into the multiplayer. I don't know how much of it I have to do, but I'm pleasantly surprised to see that there are still low level games going on pretty frequently. Its not the wasteland I imagined I would have to deal with. And... its kinda fun.

I'm hoping to finish up this weekend. I'd like to pick a more straightforward game to finish up next. Maybe Saint's Row The Third, or Rage. Something that's not so sprawling. I'd go with Analogue: A Hate Story, but I'm already reading too much text as it is. Sidenote: When I do that one, it'll be the most boring livestream in the short history of livestreams.

Anyway, if you'd like to follow my playthroughs, follow me on twitch. It's www.twitch.tv/indieslaw, though www.indieslaw.com redirects there for the moment.

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@videorob: Unless something went wrong with loading the page, you should repost as the formatting is all messed up. Makes it hard to read ><

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Yeah, I'm not going to read that.

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Sorry about that. Byword was in markdown mode for some reason. Thanks for the heads up.

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