Did anyone play this before Mass Effect 2?

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I didn't even know this existed until I read that both Jacob and Miranda first appeared in this game. I was surprised, since they have big roles in Mass Effect 2, so I'm curious about the kind of reception this got. Is there something important in this game's story that I should consider before playing ME2? And since this game takes place after the first Mass Effect, isn't this game technically Mass Effect 2? :P

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@Apathylad: Not really much worth in terms of story.
Gameplay wise it's a piece of garbage. You tilt the iphone to make Jacob walk around in a top side angled view, and press on buttons to fire biotics and stuff like that.
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@PhatSeeJay:  In ME2, if you talk to Jacob about Miranda he does mention that they used to be really close and that he'd rather not talk about it. It's hinted that they did indeed have a relationship but things didn't work out.
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Is that the extent of the "your reward is waiting for you in Mass Effect 2" tag when you register it then? 
I bought Galaxy and finished it just to see what you get for it, as i couldn't find any information on this "Reward" but so far i've had one chat with jacob where there was an option to talk about what happened between him and miranda, which he just fobbed off and that was that.  If that is all you get......it REALLY isn't worth the £1 i paid for it :D

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@Johnjamin: As far as I know, all you get is some extended dialouge or a mention.. or something, I dunnow.
It's not exactly a reward so much as a joke. ;P
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@PhatSeeJay: yeah right, c'est la vie!

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