What ME DLC-s are worth playing? (No Spoilers please!)

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Since ME3 came out recently, i've been thinking of getting into the ME Universe again. Until now I played the first game + the DLC Bringing down the Sky. Honestly it was kinda interesting (at first at least), but it didn't offer anything new to the ME experiance. How is Pinnacle Station? What about the ME 2 DLC? I heard "Lair of the Shadowbroker" is kinda essential. Anything else?

No Spoilers please!


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Avoid Pinnacle Station like the plague, Lair of the Shadowbroker is pretty essential and Overlord is pretty great (but not really important to the story). Kasumi's Stolen Memory is a non-essential, but I wouldn't call it bad, I just wouldn't go out of my way to buy it compared to LotS and Overlord. Arrival sets up the beginning of Mass Effect 3, but if you're looking for anything more than "more Mass Effect" it's not worth picking up.

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None of the ME1 DLC is worthwhile. For ME2 I'd say Overlord is good and Lair of the Shadowbroker is awesome. Those two are the good ones to have, Arrival is essential storywise but you would be better off watching what happens on on youtube as you have very little input and its otherwise a fairly dull experience.

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Pinnacle Station is pretty bad. It's mostly a bunch of combat challenges, and ME1's combat isn't terribly compelling.

For ME2, you should definitely play Lair Of The Shadow Broker. It's lengthy and provides lots of cool background info.
Arrival is a set-up for ME3, but of such little importance you can feel free to skip it. Not to mention it feels really disjointed if you play through it during your ME2 playthrough.
Project Firewalker is terribad. I think it comes with every new copy, but I skipped it on every playthrough after my first.
Overlord is pretty great - it doesn't get as much praise as Shadow Broker, but I think it is way better.

Getting Kasumi should be a no-brainer. She is a great character and comes back in ME3.

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late answer, sorry!

thanks for the recommends, now i have an idea what i should buy. another, almost completely unrelated question: is there a way to buy the dlc-s for the uk version without a credit card? :P

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Yeah, get all the ME2 DLC, arrival is bad but necessary for the story, the rest is all great. And obviously there's MS points, but I'll assume you mean PC, in which case I have no clue.

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@Atta: Avoid the "Arrival" DLC for Mass Effect II; I just recently purchased/finished it and it felt B team to say the least.

Other than that, I found Shadow Broker, Overlord, and the heavy weapons pack useful/fun. The weapons pack has a Phalanx Cannon (heavy pistol) that was essential for my insanity run.

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Must have

  • Lair of the Shadow Broker (ME2)
  • Overlord (ME2)
  • Arrival (ME2)
  • Javik (ME3)

If you like the universe and want more

  • Kasumi's Stolen Memory (ME2)
  • Bring down the sky (ME1)
  • Project firewalker and other Cerberus Network DLC

Can safely skip

  • Pinnacle Station (ME1)
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Pinnacle Station is only there to easily get you to level 60 in two playthru's unless you are on insanity the whole time.

Other than that its poop. Kasumi is a great character and I think that is worth it too, but it's borderline. I agree with pretty much everybody else on the rest.

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Pinnacle Station is the only one that I'd say skip for sure. The other DLC... depends on how much you are into Mass Effect's universe and how much you care about import events. For example, I'm assuming that certain characters pop up and say "Hi" in ME3 because I played his or her associated DLC in ME2. Also there are some different things said to you based on weather or not you actually played the DLC.

In terms of quality, you milage may vary. Here's my run down:

  • Stolen Memories - I liked this one. It is short, but the setup is fun and you get a unique crew member.
  • Lair of the Shadowbroker - Probably my favorite of the DLC on offer. You get more Liara and some good reveals as to who this guy is that saved your body from being space trash.
  • Overlord - More Mass Effect. Vehicle segments that I didn't care for. Story was interesting.
  • Arrival - Story heavy and short, but I thought it was alright.
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Pinnacle Station is rubbish, so save your money. Like you mentioned, Lair of the Shadow Broker is as essential as a piece of DLC can be. Project Overlord (ME2) is also very good, but less-so from a content perspective and is more just about the terrific story. The Arrival, while pathetically short, is semi-interesting for how it leads into ME3, and importing a character into ME3 who has completed it will affect some dialogue in that game as well. Kasumi's Stolen Memory won't set the world on fire with its gameplay, but she's an interesting character to bring along, and who also has a mission in ME3 if you played her DLC in ME2. From Ashes (ME3) is also very, very crucial. While it is a single, relatively straight-forward mission, the character you pick up in that piece of DLC brings incredible weight and context to the rest of the world when brought along on missions.

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I think Lair of The Shadow Broker is the best ME DLC period. Kasumi is the next one I like, but I enjoy things that are character driven. Overlord was good, but I didn't think it was overly great.

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Shadow broker was really good, starts out as a neat little detective story.

I really liked overlord for some creepy system-shock like techno horror

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Shadowbroker was better than any part of the main ME2 quest, which is weird.

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Kasumi: Stolen Memory

Zaaed: Price of Revenge


Lair of the Shadowbroker


From Ashes

All are excellent. Really, the only one that's just a total waste is Pinnacle Station, and to a far lesser extent Project Firewalker(you at least get to jack around with a new vehicle). Everything else is worth it.

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Zaaed, Kasumi and Shadow Broker are good. I didn't buy From Ashes on principal so can't comment on that.

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Shadow broker is a must, but i tought they were all pretty good, short though

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I think Bringing Down the Sky for ME1 is worth your time and money.

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