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Meliadoul first appears in Final Fantasy Tactics when she attacks Ramza Beoulve, who she holds accountable for the death of her brother, Izlude. She is understandably skeptical when Ramza attempts to explain to her that it was not he who killed her brother, but a group of legendary demons known as Lucavi, one of whom has possessed her father. After her initial defeat, she swears to return and kill Ramza.
Upon her return however, she happens upon Ramza as he engages another of the Lucavi in battle, which makes her realize that he was right.
Meliadoul is one of the special characters in Final Fantasy Tactics who has her own job class, the Divine Knight. The abilities of this class allow her to attack opponent's a short distance away with attacks that deal direct damage and destroy equipment with perfect accuracy.
Nevertheless, she can seem redundant as she is recruited after Cidolfas Orlandu, who has all the abilities of her Divine Knight Class, the Holy Knight Job and the Dark Knight, as well as better stats and equipment options(for the most part).
However, having two characters with the Divine Knight's skillset doesn't hurt, and she can equip some very effective female-only equipment.

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