Trailer for a new Men In Black game

#2 Posted by JaredA (842 posts) -

Terrible voice acting. Terrible graphics. Terrible trailer.

Seriously, this game looks like utter trash... Maybe worse than Superman Returns... Maybe...

#3 Posted by RadBadger (71 posts) -

That man could not sound more uninterested, and that game could not look/sound more atrocious. Fake Frank in particular makes me sad.

Judging from the intro - this game should have instead ushered in the return of FMV gaming.

#4 Posted by Butano (1848 posts) -

Clearly, they should've done a Kickstarter.

#5 Posted by Eaxis (996 posts) -

I wish I could forget that now! "FLASH". Hmm how does the game look, fuck. "FLASH".

#6 Posted by BombcastGoldthwait (256 posts) -

I never cared for the previous movies, or games, so I probably will skip this. Plus, it looks not good. I would only buy it if they have Will Smith of fame, you know the ONLY Will Smith.

#7 Posted by Seedofpower (3995 posts) -

This smells like Quicklook Gold.

#8 Posted by Yanngc33 (4551 posts) -

@Seedofpower said:

This smells like Quicklook Gold.

It looks so bad it's almost good. Almost

#9 Posted by lronMan (8 posts) -

Big fan of the Men in Black movies. How disappointing.

#10 Posted by kingcopper (50 posts) -

man I love video games can't wait to pick this up day 1

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