Possible progress glitch in MGS: PW(May contain slight spoilers)

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I've completed the game and done every side-mission(including the Monster Hunter ones) and story-missions(all the Zadornow 1-6 missions), but I'm still missing some according to a guide I read on GameFAQs. Do I need to get all the AI-parts for Zeke to activate more side-missions or is my save glitched?

Edit: Apparently the game doesn't register that I've completed Extra Ops 118: Peace Walker Mark 2 and therefore I can't progress any further(completing this battle should unlock extra ops 23 which doesn't show up at all)

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I unlocked and completed Extra Ops 23 without completing 118 and I did not have all the AI parts for ZEKE.....I think it unlocked after I beat Metal Gear ZEKE but I'm not sure.

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Zeke is not even available in my save. I'd hate to restart my game. I may try Transfaring the save over to my PSP when I get my copy of Peace Walker next week.

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Have you finished constructing ZEKE?

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@Unknown_Pleasures said:

Have you finished constructing ZEKE?

Yes, and I have all the main parts and I'm missing only the Shield in the optional parts section. Will try to get that and update later.

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