Why is this coming out so late in Europe?

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The Metal Gear Solid HD Collection is coming out in a few weeks in the US, but for all of the non US people out there it's coming out in February, which is just so crazy. I mean why is this?

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Videogames hate Europe. And by extension, Australia. It's a conspiracy, I tell ya.

Or it's got something to do with publishers. I dunno.

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It was the same with the gow HD release. Just import it, should arrive to you at pretty much the same price in a week or two max.

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I was gutted when I found out about the delay. I was heavily anticipating getting this and Skyrim on Christmas day but now that's not happening. I don't see why they couldn't put this out on games on demand to appease us. I'm on 360, so I can't even import it since they chose to region lock it.

I wonder if there were some kind of uproar/petition over this then Konami might implement some kind of solution. There hasn't even been a statement on the reason for the delay. Overall a very poor performance.

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Say NO! to Oceans.

Also, could someone with more Klout than I tell Sony to let Europeans import PS3 games from America or Japan, if you aren't going to release them here for christ's sake let us import them, it's madness I say!

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PS3 games are region free. You can import them.

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@BulletproofMonk: You literally can't, try going to Play-Asia, or Amazon.com, it will straight up tell you that any PS3 games you are trying to ship to Europe cannot do that. It's maddening I was trying to get some PS3 games not to long ago (Yakuza Of The End & Afrika) couldn't do it.

The fact that the PS3 is region free makes it even more crazy.

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@Hulsey90: Funny you mention that, I just put my order in for this on Play-Asia and it went right through no problems. I live in the UK and although I've experienced that annoyance many a time, the last being Catherine, this wasn't one of those times.

Although, I still half expect them to cancel my order.

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@dekkadekkadekka: I've tried with at least 5 different games over and over, can't get it to go through, I heard it's pretty common so that's why I think Sony has something to do with it.

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European extreme isn't built in a day.

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@Hulsey90: Sony absolutely has something to do with it, remember Lik-Sang? Their farewell message is still up at lik-sang.com

I guess that scared some retailers into giving up. But, like I said, my order went through, so I guess I'm lucky in this instance?

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@dekkadekkadekka: Europe's Bluray region is different then America's/Japan's it won't work

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@Bocam: Movies yes, games no. I have several US releases which all work fine. In fact, I have a couple US Blurays that also work fine on the PS3.

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@dekkadekkadekka: I did not know that. So I guess my European PS3 isn't worthless

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@Hulsey90: You might try planetaxel.com for importing US releases. Probably not the fastest ones, as they will send it from Canada to their European hubs first and from there to you, but this spares you to deal with customs (for Playasia I usually have to go to customs to get my package) but so far they seem reliable, at least for me.

On further note the games usually seem to be the Canadian version, so English and French language confirmed.

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European Extreme mode wasn't extreme enough. They had to delay it to make the appropriate changes.

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we also dont have shin megami tensi :devil survivor overclocked the gaming community hates us

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I suppose it really is a good thing, because with Skyrim and U3/MW3 multiplayer and upcoming Saints Row and Zelda I would have no good time to play MGS, where as in February I will.

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The planes fly over Bermuda Triangle, get stuck in a Lost-like adventure before figuring out how to escape and finally reach the GMT timezone.

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Just play Xenoblade out of spite.

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I used to think the delay was due to localization and adding in all the additional languages needed for a European release, but there's really no reason I can see for a delay this long. Kojima's been good to EU gamers in the past by giving them extra stuff to make up for the delay though (most of the Subsistence additions in MGS3:SN, Special Edition of ZoE 2, radio drama in Ghost Babel etc), so with any luck we'll get some bonus content.

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Kojima Production has a long history of delayed European releases, but they make up for it (In MGS 2's case, they behind-the-scenes documentary was included in the regular edition, opposed to the North American market who could receive it only with the Special Edition. In MGS 3's case, the European Extreme was in the game. And in Subsistence's case, the regular edition had the same content as the NA market's Special Edition - 1 game disc + 1 extras disc + 1 MGS 3 Movie disc). Maybe we'll get Snake vs. Monkey and all the other cut content?

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Europeans don't like MGS, actually the Japanese don't like MGS very much either.....MGS is most popular in North America which is why Konami released MGS 3 in America first.

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Because to release the game in Europe the have to localise the game for several different languages (French, German, Italian, ect) as well as English.

If you want to play it early I recommend importing it through a website like Playasia.com, that's what I did last month.

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