I demand a Miasmata QL!

#1 Posted by thebigJ_A (1021 posts) -

By "demand" I mean "repectfully request". And I want Dave, Drew, and/or Vinny to do it.

This game looks like it might be right up my alley. I mean, you need to find and drink water to survive! You collect things and study them! There's a monster you apparently can't kill!

However, what with the Steam sale, and FarCry 3 out soon, I can't be taking big risks. I need to see this in action.


#2 Posted by Hewitt (96 posts) -

I bet Patrick will get in on the QL, this seems right up his street.

#3 Posted by thebigJ_A (1021 posts) -

He'd be good, too. I just didn't think of him because I know he's only just now planning on building a proper gaming PC.

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#5 Posted by Xeirus (1568 posts) -

There's one out by another guy, the game looks awful boring for a QL though.

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#6 Posted by thebigJ_A (1021 posts) -

@Xeirus said:

There's one out by another guy, the game looks awful boring for a QL though.

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So... I picked it up. So much for careful with my money, lol!

It's a bit awkward at first, and was clearly done by a small team, but.

But there's real passion put into it by that team. One can tell. And that video there showed the awkward early bit, before things get interesting. And they DO get interesting!

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Oh, so it finally got Greenlit. Will probably pick up sometime.

#8 Posted by thebigJ_A (1021 posts) -

I still respectfully request/angrily demand a Quicklook! ;)

#9 Posted by BeachThunder (13672 posts) -

There should really be a dedicated thread for requesting QLs...

#10 Posted by djou (895 posts) -

Agree, I wish there were a dedicated thread for QLs request. Would also love to see one for Miasmata.

#11 Posted by Sin4profit (3271 posts) -

@Xeirus: WOOOO!!! Mesh of Mack & Mesh fame. Can't wait until he finds out about the creature that will be stalking him.

So far the game is very intriguing but it starts out real slow. If they do do a quick look i think they'd be better off playing it for a few hours and starting from a point deeper in the map. The method in which you reveal your map is pretty neat as you triangulate your location via man made landmarks (buildings and statues)

I was running pretty cold on the game at first and it has a fair share of bad design (why can't i make more then one medication at a time?) but the longer i stayed with it the more interesting it became.

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