The new king of RPG Puzzle games?

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I'm about 2 hours in and so far it has been bloody brilliant. The batttle mechanics are way deeper then your average Puzzle Quest and the presentation is top notch. Luck although it does help does not feel as big as a part in the gameplay at all and a good thought out strategy is key to winning the battle. 
One of the thing that i really like is how you can level up your different units in random battles since for me grinding=cocaine. Which is pretty much the reason why I'm staying far far away from WoW ^^
Anyone else playing this?    

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I originally intended to pick this up a few days after release provided it didn't suck, but after they consistently pushed it back a month (it was originally supposed to come out back in August) I just lost interest in the game. Hell, I didn't even know it was out already until I saw it listed in the "Top 20 best reviewed DS games of 2009" thread. Well, it's nice that it turned out to be a good game, but at this point I really can't be bothered to pay full price for it anymore since there are other games I'd rather spend my money on. I'll pick it up if I ever see it for cheap, though.

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@Axersia: It feels like an "evergreen" game so if you can wait you might as well. There just is nothing that is really like it and i doubt that there will be anything with the exception of a sequel that will make it feel dated if you buy it once it hits lower prices.
9 hours in right now and I feel like I've only scratched the surface of what this game has to offer. For the sake of reference i am now playing as the human knight and I'm after a griffon so that i can enter a tournament.  Story so far has been pretty good, nothing extraordinary but it keeps you going, it is pretty grim i must say which feels really odd with the art style. My only complaint so far is that the enemies do their move pretty slowly, it gives you plenty of time to see what the enemy is doing but when you have your strategy  figured out already it can be annoying. AI is pretty good, I was really surprised at how when i prepared a heavy attack on a line it would try and absorb the damage by making walls there and putting its units there.
It also has multi-player via wifi and local single cart multiplayer which is a nice plus.
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You are totally right Rallier. This game is ridiculously addictive. I've put upwards of 70 hours in so far. I love bringing it out whenever I've got a free minute. It's a perfect on-the-go game. 
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I picked it up a few days ago, and as you said it is very addictive. I love the battles and the story is a lot better than what I would have imagined. I think the message here is that people should check this game out, because it is fantastic.

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