curtman2k7's MLB 11:The Show (PlayStation 3) review

The Show is Back...Unless you want...

This Game is Awesome except if u wanna play it online on a Saturday night around 11pm EST/8pm EST two straight saturdays with problems on their side...unexcusable as game/beta testers to not know how to operate servers by now....peace, love and take care...BITCHES!!



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    Another One Hit Out of the Yard 0

    Spring Training may be in full swing, but you can jump right into games that matter as MLB 11 The Show is here! How does it stack up to previous iterations of what has become the premiere baseball franchise on the market though? Quite simply, this is the biggest and best version of The Show yet. It’s hard to one-up yourself every year with a sports franchise, but even if all of them don’t quite work as well as Sony’s San Diego studio would like, it’ll give them something to work on perfecting...

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