[MW2] This youtube guy..

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...is pretty damn fun to watch:
Don't know this guy.  Not friends with him.  Not plugging him for any reason other than I thought you guys might enjoy his videos.  He is hellof beast with the game.  And he is pretty damn entertaining on his commentary work. 
So anyhoo, enjoy some.. to da face, to da face!
And..  thoughts?

#2 Posted by Th3_James (2591 posts) -

 I'd rather play the game then watch someone else play..but that's just me

#3 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19809 posts) -

I thought it would be a single great video, but I'm not interested in just watching some guy play unless I need to get some tips.

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#5 Posted by Ekkers (62 posts) -

This guy's hilarious

#6 Posted by simulation (221 posts) -

lmao, guy reminds me of skwisgar from metalocalypse.
Good Shit!

#7 Posted by n8 (281 posts) -
Glad you sirs are diggin the goods   :-D
#8 Posted by skunk (250 posts) -

lol this guy is entertaining as hell, both in commentary and gameplay.

#9 Posted by ShinjiEx (793 posts) -

A pretty good overview of multiplayer from someone who speaks well ^_^

#10 Posted by Hannibal (877 posts) -

That guy's pretty fun. I'll check out some of his tips.

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He's like the foreign kid at parties that doesn't quite know what to say around everyone. I love it.

#13 Posted by TwoOneFive (9787 posts) -
that guy is amazing, i've seen his vids before. he is super impressive. 
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Sounds swedish. But yeah, nice vids.
Edit: Ok watched more of it, the dude's a selfcentered a-hole.

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I think I can go and check out this guys video more often with his entertaining commentary. =P

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@Yukoei:   Thank you for bringing that to my attn.  Duly noted.  
@guiseppe said:

Edit: Ok watched more of it, the dude's a selfcentered a-hole.

LOL..  while I don't share your opinion, I suppose I can agree that he can be pretty insulting to his opponents.  This doesn't bother me in the slightest though...and actually, its half the reason I love watching his videos.  
I feel that the little bit of ego he displays is easily offset by all the gratitude he shows to his viewers and such.  Just glad I haven't been on the business-end of any of his beatdowns yet.  :-)
#17 Posted by wefwefasdf (6730 posts) -

That 45 kill streak was sick. I want this game... Grr.
#18 Posted by myslead (947 posts) -

if I'd record my gametime, this would be exactly it ahah

#19 Posted by CharlieTuna (325 posts) -

Oh god the swinglish (swedish english), it's terrible. I live in sweden and I don't get how so many people talk like this here (pretty much everyone can speak english here), they sound retarded to me, but I guess I've been exposed to it too much. I can't watch this.

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