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Art Style

Throughout the years Moogles have been depicted in various styles:


Moogles first appeared in Final Fantasy III in 1990 on the NES in Japan.  Originally they were depicted as small, white, cat-like, furry creatures with small wings.  A  pom pom was added to the Moogles in Final Fantasy V, the first Final Fantasy game for the SNES in 1992.


First introduced in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance in 2003, and used throughout the rest of the Tactics series and eventually adopted in Final fantasy XII in 2006, "realistic" Moogles are usually of a somewhat more yellow colour compared to their classic depiction and quite a bit taller and slender. Unlike the classic depiction, they always wear clothes and their ears can be compared to those of a rabbit. Despite still having wings, they can not fly.


Unique to the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series that started in 2004, Moogles are shown to be small, white, furry, round "bubble" like creatures with no visible neck or arms. Unlike the classic and the realistic depiction of Moogles in the Crystal Chronicles series, bubble Moogles can actually fly.

Moogles in numbered Final Fantasy Games

Final Fantasy III

Final Fantasy III marked the first appearance of moogles in the Final Fantasy franchise. They were portrayed as being exceptionally intelligent with the ability to wield very powerful magic abilities as they served as protectors of the sage Doga.

Final Fantasy V


Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI was the first game that introduced moogles to Final Fantasy fans outside of Japan.  Both of their previous appearances in Final Fantasy III and V never made it out of Japan. Moogles played a decidedly bigger role in Final Fantasy VI than previous Final Fantasy games as they were far more integral to the plot. In addition to playing a bigger role in the plot, players also got a chance to play as a moogle for a brief period.  They could play as the moogle Mog, who was able to join the player's party.

Final Fantasy VII


Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus


Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core


Final Fantasy VIII


Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX featured a prominent role for moogles for the first time since Final Fantasy VI. In Final Fantasy IX, moogles were used as save points, which could be found in various towns and dungeons across the land offering to keep track of the player's progress as well as heal up the party through the use of tents. In addition to this, moogles were also responsible for Mognet, a service ran by the moogles for delivering letters. However, the player discovers during the course of the game that letter delivery has slowed down recently and the moogles would request that the player help to deliver letters for the moogles in exchange for items.

Final Fantasy X

Despite that in Final fantasy X there are no actual Moogles to be seen Lulu carries around a Moogle doll that she uses to attack with.

Final Fantasy X-2


Final Fantasy XI


Final Fantasy XII

Moogles make a big return after X, since Final Fantasy XII is set in the world of the original Final Fantasy Tactics, Ivalice Montblanc makes a return as a quest giver as well as his brother Nono.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

In Revenant Wings Montblanc and Nono their brother Hurdy is introduced.

Moogles in Final Fantasy Off-shoot Franchises

Final Fantasy Tactics


Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Moogles make many apperances in this game.  Several are part of the main story, including Montblanc, who is one of 2 starting story characters in your clan, and his younger brother, Nono.  An unlockable charater (who is mentioned in some jobs before joining your clan under certain circumstances) is the Mog Knight Lini.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fate


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Fate


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord

Referenced as disgusting creatures by Mira throughout the game Stiltzkin the traveling Moogle makes an appearance at the end of the third chapter of the game appearing to be a friend of Tonbetty like usual looking for tales.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers


Moogles in non Final Fantasy Games

Secret of Mana (Seiken Densetsu 2)


Seiken Densetsu 3


Kingdom Hearts


Kingdom Hearts: Chains of Memories


Kingdom Hearts II


Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days


Mario Hoops 3-on-3

Moogle balancing on a basketball. 

Moogle as seen in Mario Hoops 3-on-3. 
A Moogle is a secret unlockable character for Mario 3-on-3 Hoops. It is the first Nintendo DS game in which a Moogle is featured, being released on July 27, 2006 in Japan, about a month before the remake of  Final Fantasy III came out there. Square-Enix included the Moogle, together with other characters from their Final Fantasy series. In order to unlock the Moogle as a playable character 800 points must be earned in the Normal Star Tournament.,

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