holabendez's Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe (Xbox 360) review

A Great Addition to the franchise

Not that you would look for a game like this to have a good story, but it kind of did. Well, at least a coherent story that gave a sufficient reason for everyone to be fighting each other. The story was kind of like how in a porno people who meet have sex for the flimsiest of reasons, except of course in this game they chose to beat the crap out of each other instead. 

It is a strong Mortal Kombat game, and the introduction of DC Universe characters is done very well, with all the characters well balanced. The story even has a reason for how someone like The Joker is evenly matched against Superman. Not that it really matters – the fighting is hella fun with the usual crazy move sets, and the “Fatalities” (or in the case of the superheroes “Heroic Brutalities”, because of course superheroes never kill…)


The graphics are excellent, the movement is fluent and it is a great evolution for Mortal Kombat.


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