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The Joker Shoots Raiden in the Face

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe seems to be a great starting off point for both MK and DC. The Mortal Kombat franchise has fallen onto hard times in recent years, mostly due to gameplay ideas that made a ton sense in theory, but ultimately hurt the overall experience. Whereas DC, and comic book-based games in general, have largely done nothing but flounder.

Lets get one thing out of the way, the is the best playing MK game in years. It largely plays just like MK II, which is definitely a good thing. There aren’t any dumb weapons or different fighting stances in this game. It’s all about crazy combos (or should it be “krazy kombos”?), projectiles, and juggles. The fatalities, while toned down from previous iterations, are still pretty brutal and mostly great finishing moves in there own right.

The DC guys fit in better than you would think. As weird as it is at first to see Sub-Zero fighting Green Latern, after a few rounds things will start to click and Flash, Batman and Supes himself will fit right in. The story mode isn’t Oscar caliber by any means but its entertaining in a “so bad its good” way and I was intrigued to see how each story would play out.

Overall, the only problem I can site with the game is that I’ve experienced a lot of lag problems online, which is unacceptable for a timing based fighting game. This combined with the bizarre chat-room style way you actually get into a match. That said, if you’ve got friends over who are into games, bust out MK vs. DC and you’ll all have a blast.

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