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There are over 20 different animals that the player can raise which include including hippos, monkeys, cows, kangaroos and crocodiles on their very own farm in different places around the world.

The game starts in the United States and expands to take the player on a unique trip around the world visiting Asia, Australia and Africa caring for native animals from each country and building your farm business.

Animals included in this version of the game include parrots, pigs, kangaroos, crocodiles, monkeys, elephants, tigers, peacocks, rhinos and more unannounced animals. Much like game such as Viva Piñata, you are able to buy or sell animals at the Farmer’s Market which allows the player to expand and grow their farm. This game allows people to share over the DS wifi by sending your customized animals to their friends, this also allows player to raise unique animals on their non conventional farms, such as kangaroos on an African farm or tigers on an American farm.

The Game does include unlockables, as the player's farm grows they will unlock things such as a wind turbine to generate power, a guard dog to protect the animals or a tractor to help out around the farm.

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