Ouch. Poor N-Gage.

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So, I sent an e-mail to HTC, suggesting that the company create a phone with a proper d-pad and face/trigger buttons. A rep e-mails me back, reminding me about Nokia's N-Gage and how poorly it sold. Poor N-Gage. You'll not be forgotten. XD

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I'm surprised you actually got a response.

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Isn´t the PSPhone rumor floating around the interwebs lately?
Anyways heres an image off the ngage in its full glory:

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@mr_moustache: Yes, but I won't buy most Sony products. Furthermore, Sony's idea of a d-pad isn't my idea of a d-pad. I've never liked the segmented cross d-pads. I'd love to have a phone with a d-pad and buttons similar to those on Sega Saturn's controller.

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