kmo33489's New Super Mario Bros. 2 (Nintendo 3DS eShop) review

i give super mario bros. 2 a 4/5... very good.:D

I gave super Mario bros. 2 a 4/5 because it was a very adventurous and exciting game. But I think that it could have had a few more new qualities that were different from the first ds game super Mario bros. I thought that the flying was cool, but i thought that you should fly longer. Also I think that the golden flower should be used more than it is. The game was fun but the boss levels were cool nothing like they have ever done before. I absolutely love the coin head where you get coins when you run. Also I loved how you can have a coin run score and you can share it on via spotpass! Also that you can play with other people. And I love the white racoon!!!! Its so fun being able to run right through things that can kill you that can't because you have that suit on. Also I enjoy how you don't loose your lives as easily, like if you die 5 times it finally you just loose one life. Over all i think that super Mario bros.2 was an amazing game! Great job Nintendo!


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