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F-117 was MicroProse's follow-on to the earlier F-19 Stealth Fighter. Gameplay remained identical to the previous title, but the game featured a large graphics and sound overhaul. F-117 also included much more detailed cutscenes, menus, and a really cool intro sequence.
Also notable is that, when F-19 came out, the public was somewhat aware that the USAF was fielding some type of stealth fighter, but knew little else as far as what it looked like, what its capabilities were, and even what its name was. This didn't stop MicroProse and a few other companies from capitalizing on the idea and releasing cool products based on the non-existent F-19.
However, with the unveiling of the F-117 Nighthawk in the late 1980's, MicroProse and the rest of the world knew what they were dealing with. The new game obviously features an accurate name for the stealth fighter, but an accurate 3-D model of it, as well.
As with many games of the time, players could fly in a handful of hypothetical scenarios against the Soviet Union and Iran. Also, since this game was released after Operation Desert Storm, an ODS campaign was included as well.
This simulation features adjustable difficulty and realism. However, it should be noted that the game allows players to load air-to-air weaponry as well as an internal gun, neither of which were ever carried by the F-117; it was never a dogfighter. Instead, it was designed to sneak into heavily-defended areas undetected and attack high-value targets with precision weaponry. As such, it carried one or two bombs to do its job, which was all that it needed. The F-117 Nighthawk game allows players to load far more munitions in the weapons bay and an insane amount of cannon rounds, allowing it to rampage across the theater undetected and wreck what would be a large percentage of an opponent's forces in one mission. In-game the F-117 can also dogfight with the most agile and capable enemy fighters, attacking them with AIM-9's and AIM-120's (as the real plane carried neither and had the aerodynamics of a lumpy brick.) Although this does not reflect a realistic scenario, it is nonetheless quite fun to do. Realism-minded players can always limit themselves to two bombs and no guns, if desired, and use the craft's stealthy traits to avoid enemy fighters, rather than take them all down.

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