3DS Happiness

#1 Posted by Laz (16 posts) -

So, I am considering buying a 3DS with the new price drop, but even at $160 I am concerned that I just won't be happy with the purchase. There's really only a couple of 3DS games I'm currently interested in, and one coming out soon (Animal Crossing: 3DS), so I'm unsure if that would justify the price on it.

So my question to you fellow gamers who actually have a 3DS -- Are you happy with it, or do you regret spending the money on it?

#2 Posted by Crono11 (1648 posts) -

It's funny that you made this topic because just today I was looking at my never been played 3DS wondering why I bought it.

#3 Posted by Turtlebird95 (2385 posts) -

I rarely use it. Only used it today because Four Swords came out.

#4 Posted by rnr1224 (3 posts) -

im actually playing mine a lot. while the 3ds library may seem lacking, im getting to enjoy the ds games that i missed out on. but the software library looks like it will be strong come next year.

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