Nintendo Sneaks Out Wii U, 3DS Firmware Updates

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#51 Posted by Zaxex (578 posts) -

Patrick's gonna be bummed when he comes in to work today and finds out that it's only mid-week.

#52 Edited by EarlessShrimp (1631 posts) -

Sweet, sounds like the Wii U might lock up less....? Although to be fair I only had one lock up thus far.

#53 Posted by Yorkin (139 posts) -

I hope "system stability" means I'll no longer have to yank the power cord out of my WiiU because it locked up.

#54 Posted by Brainling (32 posts) -

Hopefully this fixes some of the lockup issues. Tired of having to yank the power cord every time the thing locks up.

#55 Posted by MeatSim (10762 posts) -

Nintendo sneaked up and stabbed us in the face with firmware updates.

#56 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (2563 posts) -

@Fawkes said:


Well, it is Swatch Internet Time (or beat time) Friday.

#57 Posted by DazzHardy (667 posts) -

If nothing else, the Wii U Gamepad turns itself off when I'm in Wii mode now, so I don't have to do it manually. It wasn't doing that yesterday, so I'm guessing that was in this latest update.

#58 Posted by steelerzfan101 (270 posts) -

They better address the slow loading times...or I'm not interested!

#59 Posted by BBQBram (2200 posts) -

I'm hoping they sort out this Wii U freezing mess before I get one, or in other words, when there's games worth a damn available for it.

I'm looking at you Pikmin 3. I expect glorious GameCube era quirk.

#60 Posted by Igottadeuce (86 posts) -

Nintendo and Sony are backwards in that they always release patches which remove features. Given enough time you will eventually upgrade to a nice looking box on your table.

#61 Posted by EXTomar (4495 posts) -

@Igottadeuce said:

Nintendo and Sony are backwards in that they always release patches which remove features. Given enough time you will eventually upgrade to a nice looking box on your table.

This is funny to read because on Windows, the way they handle patches is just as backwards. And I'm never sure why people say the XBox 360 patches are fast where if you don't stay on top of them you end up in "patch hell" downloading a thing to download the patch which reboots and installs the patch so it can say "Oh, this needs a patch".

#62 Posted by Nation764 (114 posts) -

Proofread guy

#63 Posted by optimusprime223 (396 posts) -

Dam update hasn't resolved my issue with my Wii U! still cannot do anything cause it wont load the OS! totally out of ideas and there don't appear to be any kind of hardware reset or anything...

#64 Posted by Raviyn (45 posts) -

was a nice update for me at least, my menu loads are quite a bit better now

#65 Posted by mewarmo990 (829 posts) -


#66 Posted by Skytylz (4029 posts) -

I had to share this, I saw it on gaf and I'm not sure where it came from.

#67 Posted by Cozmicaztaway (216 posts) -

I don't even get how the load times can be this bad on the Wii U. It has more RAM than any console ever (that it doesn't have to share with the OS) and the disc drive is supposedly thrice as fast as the PS3's atrocious 2x Blu-Ray drive.

The RAM is supposedly slower than the 360 and PS3 though, so that might be why.
#68 Posted by Cerevisiae (75 posts) -

The Nintendo guys seem to really like to stare at fruit.

There's also the end of that video. Dude is in deep thought with that orange at about 14 minutes in.

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