Professor Layton Games (confused).

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Looking at getting the professor Layton games for my gf after the Christmas rush as we bought ourselves a 3DS XL for Christmas and she seems to think she likes puzzle games, so here is hoping :)

I was looking at ozgameshop (mostly because they have pretty much everything and they also had good prices for us) however I'm a bit confused.... the link is

I wanted to get her the first game which according to is the Curious Village, but the link above has TWO Curious Villages, is one a remake? Is one just a different box? Is there even any point getting the first and doing them in order? So confused!

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Judging by the ratings on the covers, the one with Layton and Luke is the US release, and the one with the hat is the UK release.

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  1. There is only one Curious Village, as far as I know.
  2. I don't see two Curious Villages in that link.
  3. You are using Wikipedia as a source of information about video game releases, when you obviously know about Giant Bomb.
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Looks like the two Curious Villages images are different region covers (NTSC and PAL I believe). As the website you're using is UK based, I assume you want the PAL version, though I'm woefully underknowledged about the region-locked or region-free nature of the DS/3DS. I've only played the first two (Curious Village and Diabolical Box) so I can't speak to playing them out of order. I have liked them both, and I've heard the series is fairly consistent in terms of narrative and puzzles.

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Ahh didn't even think about that, thanks guys while I know about Giant Bomb I'm still coming to terms with how to use it's databases, the podcast and the forums are what I use mostly so I thought I'd get more help here.

Thanks :D

EDIT: I just got her Diabolic Box and will wait till the first is in stock (I saved over 50% on retail stores here it's just crazy).

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