dooops's Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath (Xbox) review

A different type of game that will surely entertain you.

If you are looking for a game with some originality to it, you’ve found it. While the game is not perfect in every aspect it does easily manage to keep you entertained. The ability to switch between first and third person view is fluent and effective. You do not have to fumble or watch for the screen to refresh too long between switching views. This is essential to the game otherwise you would not bother to even switch views.

The game has a set of live ammunition that you must acquire by hunting it down and gathering it yourself. You do have some boxes that contain this live ammo to help you out as well. Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath has several different scenarios that oblige you to use different ammunition. You can keep using the same two live ammunition types throughout most of the game. I suggest using your imagination and be clever with the type of ammo you decide to use. It makes the game much easier and fun when you use a variety of ammo.

The game does tend to get repetitive at first but at a couple of spots in the game they add different aspects which alleviate the monotony.

It is a shame that this game’s speech was so grainy and hard to understand at times. The characters are actually quite unique but unfortunately their voices are not. They have a lot of funny phrases, background comments and catch phrases throughout the game. This will have you chuckling a few times. The game does a great job of keeping you entertained in the funny comments category. The sound of the game is pretty good. They have a lot of background noises such as criquets, grasshoppers and water dripping or hitting your boat if you stand still. The music is usually pretty on par for the scenario it is representing.

The graphics are not ground breaking. The game runs very smoothly and I only encountered frame rate degradation once throughout the entire game. They are missing a few easily avoidable flaws in the graphics. For example you are able to see the reflection of the mountains in the water but you cannot see the trees that are in front of the mountains. Apparently trees in Oddworld do not have a reflection. Perhaps they are vampire trees!

The game has a perfect length. It’s not too short but it is not long enough to become tiresome. The replay value is there because of the different ways you can defeat your enemies depending on the ammunition you decide to use. The bosses seem to have almost all have a pre defined way of defeating them which might not be appealing to some users. There is not much variety to the way you can defeat the boss mobs.
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