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112381 Pepsiman Game Overview Minor correction made to the Pachipro description. 06/05/14 04:53PM 10 Approved
97577 Pepsiman Game Overview Made slight corrections to basic pachinko gameplay rules and added a few more details to that area as well. 04/01/14 05:22AM 103 Approved
97370 Pepsiman Game Overview Added Kazuma Kujo as producer. 03/31/14 02:04AM 4 Approved
97369 Pepsiman Game Overview Added dialog tree concept. 03/31/14 02:02AM 3 Approved
96803 Pepsiman Game Overview Re-added some of the information trimmed from the deck in a compressed form to better convey at a glance what differentiates this game from other pachislot games. Also added another paragraph to gameplay section about the ability to enter most buildings that are present in the game world. 03/28/14 06:23PM 46 Approved
96394 Marino Game Overview 03/27/14 12:45PM 4 Approved
96246 Minalear Game Overview I reduced the summary to a more manageable length since all the information is available in the overview, and the long summary screwed up the game listing. 03/27/14 01:28AM 3 Approved
96219 Pepsiman Game Overview Made a name correction to one of the characters due to misread kanji character. 03/26/14 10:47PM 1 Approved
96028 Pepsiman Game Releases Slight title change to release. 03/26/14 02:08AM 1 Approved
95815 Pepsiman Game Overview Added voice actor listings to character section. 03/25/14 04:42AM 23 Approved
95812 Pepsiman Game Overview 03/25/14 02:57AM 17 Approved
95811 Pepsiman Game Overview 03/25/14 02:12AM 6 Approved
95808 Pepsiman Game Overview Added a character section. 03/25/14 01:55AM 177 Approved
95801 Pepsiman Game Overview Added screenshots and a paragraph about the dialog system, as well as similar games. 03/25/14 01:17AM 168 Approved
95788 Pepsiman Game Overview 03/24/14 11:35PM 1 Approved
95787 Pepsiman Game Overview Initial fleshing out of the RPG segment. Screenshots and more gameplay explanations to come. 03/24/14 11:35PM 497 Approved
95770 Pepsiman Game Overview Filling out the main wiki. First part dedicated to regular pachislot gameplay. 03/24/14 09:43PM 880 Approved
95767 Pepsiman Game Overview Filled out game details form. 03/24/14 08:16PM 40 Approved
95766 Pepsiman Game Releases 03/24/14 08:12PM 2 Approved
95765 Pepsiman New Release 03/24/14 08:11PM 7 Approved
95764 Pepsiman Game Overview Currently not in the database. 03/24/14 08:06PM 10 Approved

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