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Pellet Quest is an open source, Pac-Man-like role-playing game where the pellets that the player collect count as experience points and in-game currency.

Originally released in February of 2008 the last update to the game was July 2009. The author never completed more than a basic framework for a game. This framework included a mini-map, screens per level, multiple levels, monsters, player damage, lockable doors, traps and experience collecting.

In the current version of the game the player is unable to damage enemies, die or venture beyond the 3 included floors. There is also no benefit to leveling other than filling an experience bar.

Pellet Quest was programmed using Java and OpenGL and falls under GNU GPL for licensing.

At this point it appears this game has been abandoned by its author.

Healing Potion
Invulnerability Potion
Red key
Speed potion
Tree bears?
Forest Tileset
Water tileset
Lava tileset
Environment Objects
Breakable Door
Red door
Regular door
Spike trap
Triggered trap
Fireball shooter

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