Persona 4 Activity Tracker

#1 Posted by Jedted (2669 posts) -

After playing Walking Dead and seeing the stats for what people did in each episode i kinda wish Persona 4 had something like that.  Not just the 'Voice' button which says what everyone does on that day, but an endgame break down saying how many days people spend on each activity. 
Since they already record that data it would interesting to put all of that info on a webpage where others can see what you've done. 

#2 Posted by N7 (3921 posts) -

Catherine did that. It'd be cool to see what other people did since Golden is so much bigger than Catherine.
Of course I have neither a Vita or P4G but it's a cool thought nonetheless.

#3 Posted by _Chad (999 posts) -

Days spent trying to Cop a Feel: All of them

#4 Posted by BradBrains (1533 posts) -

would be a lot of data.

mine would be days spent with girls whenever possible, then teammates then other school chums, then last tutor job. screw that guy

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