Persona 4 Golden New Game Plus -- The Continuing Adventures of William Rikeru (Part 19 6/15/2014)

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Happy Father's Day to all you Dads out there.

Today, Yosuke, Kanji and William strike out at Okina.

I guess we are really doing this
the beatings will continue until...something
Just like the internet
sigh -- put your clothes back on, Kanji
Pro tip -- don't date the Black Widow of Okina
Isn't this Domino's
more Persona 4 Golden...

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Hey you all it's a Monday update.

Today, William goes shopping and is hit on by a nurse.

I love curry
that's deep, Yukiko
William Rikeru indulges
This will only end well...

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It's June 17th, and I pressed the X button today to watch CAMP HI-JINKS

I have a bad feeling...
I did this! Notes happened.
Yosuke needs to pee, he needs
Release the penguin
Maybe Morooka will become a lovable character...

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