Two Sets of Battle Music, Shops Are Available During Evening Now

#1 Posted by DonutFever (3589 posts) -

Now you can leave the house at night, and there's new fight music (Reach Out To The Truth plays when you sneak up on an enemy now). Those are the most interesting parts of the story to me, but there's a link below.  


#2 Posted by phrali (646 posts) -

this is a good topic.

#3 Posted by bbrcher (67 posts) -

Ok, lets keep this one then.

At first I thought they were adding in the ability to change the music on the fly like they did in Persona 3, now I'm just mildly confused why they bothered.

#4 Posted by DonutFever (3589 posts) -
@phrali said:

this is a good topic.

Haha, almost every time I've posted in this game's forum I've ran into this bug.
Haha, almost every time I've posted in this game's forum I've ran into this bug.
#5 Posted by Devoid (430 posts) -

So has anyone heard the new one yet? I actually think that having the original play when you PLAYER ADVANTAGE is a cool idea.

..Unless this were Persona 3, cause it would be the only song you'd ever bloody hear.

#6 Posted by bbrcher (67 posts) -

@Devoid: Not sure what you mean. Do you mean like in Persona 4 as well?

I can just see myself wanting to hear the one over the other and disappointed that I have a choice, but it's based off the ability to hit the shadow at the right time--which often didn't happen when I was just casually running through the dungeons, often over powered.

#7 Posted by Devoid (430 posts) -

@bbrcher: Oh, I meant that if it did the whole "get a sneak attack for a different song" in Persona 3, that's all you would get because it's so much easier to do it in that game than it is in Persona 4.

What I'd probably prefer is if there was a different song for when you got ENEMY ADVANTAGE'd. Though I'm only saying that because it would remind me of Grandia.

#8 Posted by bbrcher (67 posts) -

@Devoid: Ah, gotcha.

I think ultimately they better both be equally awesome, so I don't mind hearing either one. I've worked on adaptive music systems for games before, so I'm definitely a fan of music fitting the mood ;)

#9 Posted by Neurotic (632 posts) -

Cool. More Shoji Meguro is never a bad thing.

Shops being open at night only seems like it would be useful a handful of times. If they add some other stuff to do at night, maybe some social stat raising activities, I would be more interested. Fox being available at night would be very useful too.

#10 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19418 posts) -

Why didn't I know that the new music was available for a while now?

#11 Posted by SpunkyHePanda (1801 posts) -

@FluxWaveZ said:

Why didn't I know that the new music was available for a while now?



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