The "free" download hooked me

#1 Posted by Hawk456 (153 posts) -

I'm always a fan of free, so when I saw Pinball FX 2 for free on the XBox dashboard, I jumped on it... only to find out that it was "free"  - so now I had downloaded the full version for "free" ... but all the playable tables are on a free trial basis, capped by time or score.  While I was put off by the "free" download, it worked.  I've paid for almost all the available tables after deciding it's been a long time since I played pinball (real or video) and remembered how much I enjoy them both.  Five hours later, I have to cut myself off before the sun comes up.
#2 Posted by JJOR64 (19633 posts) -

I was playing it earlier today and it's not to bad.  I got the first game last year when it was on sale, and I had fun with it.  I haven't got any tables yet, but I might.

#3 Posted by Sin4profit (3326 posts) -

Trying to Download it but Microsoft's servers seem to be currently fucked on Live.

#4 Posted by SpaceInsomniac (4962 posts) -
@Sin4profit said:
" Trying to Download it but Microsoft's servers seem to be currently fucked on Live. "
If they don't have this fixed by the end of the month, I'm going to be VERY upset.  I still have to spend 400 more points to get my 800 back.
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I got the original game on sale last year like one of the previous posters and had bought all of the tables except the rocky and bullwinkle one, i was so excited about this upgrade and had no thoughts of buying the new tables but as soon as i played the trials i could tell that they where a mile ahead in terms of playability, the old tables are good but they dont come close to what the new tables offer in terms of functionality, i dropped the additional 800 points so fast after that.

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@buft said:
"...the old tables are good but they dont come close to what the new tables offer in terms of functionality..."

I definitely agree - the old tables feel and sound like an actual pinball table (for better or worse) but are somewhat compressed to fit on a TV screen, while the new tables feel and sound like they wanted to make a great video pinball game without going to far astray of what a real table feels like - a solid job balancing the two ends of the spectrum.  And maybe it's my imagination but the flippers behave the same way too - a little less responsive on the old tables and the ability to grab the ball before it rolls through the middle with the new tables.  Either way, I'm glad with both and I'm going to pick up the rest of the tables over the weekend.
#7 Posted by Sin4profit (3326 posts) -
@CaLe said:
" Exact same here. I bought every table, apart from the SF2 one which I get an Xbox Live error when trying to activate. I played it from 3pm-2am.. Never cared about pinball before but I love this. "
i had the same problem with the Street Fighter table, wrote to Microsoft and Zen Studios yesterday and today (10/29 - 8pm) i was finally able to buy that table so the problem should be solved.
Also feeling hunky dory about being the Pinball king on my friends list..even though there are only, like, 4 people on my list that play it.
#8 Posted by NodNolan (2 posts) -

I've had a shed load of Friends added to my list due to posts on the Zen official forums. and it definitely makes a difference to the game PLUS you have to have friends if you're ever foing to get the hoody avatar item.

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