potzergaeren's Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat (PlayStation 2) review

You can't complain for 4 dollars.

Pirates the legend of Black Kat is one of those games you pick up when you:
 A- want a new game but don't have 50$ on you, or
B- There are no great new games out when you go in to get a game.

Pirates tells...wait for it...the legend of Black Kat, a sultry pirate captain who happens to be the daughter of a noble colony governor. Tragedy befalls her family right out the gate and you embark on a journey of discovery and exploration in a psuedo-fantastical privateer world of magical purple oceans and giant crabs (incidentally two things you'll pick up after a weekend bender in Tortuga anyway).

Pirates seems mediocre at first; bland landscapes, infantile a.i., and super simplistic platforming "obstacles"...oh and the obligatory gold coin/jewels collecting. The open world-ish aspects offer a certain latitude of freedom which does help lighten the experience. One redeeming quality to the game is building up your pirate ship for naval combat. The ship battles are actually kinda cool, and add an aspect of rpg elements to the game. Upgrading runs the gamut from weapons to armor, faster sails, bettercapacity, larger vessels. Also you can keep spare lumber on hand for repairs at sea, or if you run out you can limp into port and pay to have your ship fixed. Ship to ship combat is almost always fun, and Pirates does this very well for the time it was released.

Alas on foot, it's not all puppy dogs and rainbows. combat is unbalanced and staggered, with some really simple a.i. ...really very simple. the a.i. is bad. make no mistake. many of the on foot levels are also designed around the puzzle mechanic of, "i'm on the beach, and the goal is on the mountain top. Hmm how do i get there?" Kind of dissapointing in a post metal gear solid world. I wasn't expecting game of the year, but many of the level designs just look like they were phoned in.

And this game is short as well as easy! I beat the game inside a week, and it only took that long cause the contrived story scenes are unskippable.

Last time I saw this game it was 4$ in a bargain bin. If you're looking for a way to spend 4$ and burning the money doesn't sound entertaining to you, then go ahead, pick up Pirates...though you're sure to be dissapointed.
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