Where is Pixeljunk Anything for my Vita?

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The latter half of the video says that a few Pixel Junk games are coming to the Vita either during the week of the sale or on the 15 , it isn't exactly clear. regardless , has anyone played them on the Vita? Are they actually on the store? I checked out bothe the PSN stores on the Vita and the PS3 they don't mention anything on the Vita PSN but the PS3 PSN has them for the sale price but no mention if they can be downloaded to the Vita or if they are just exclusive for the PS3. I can' figure this out and I don't want to spend money on the PS3 PSN only to find out my Vita is screwed out of some awesome games. Anyone figure this out? Is the solution obvious and I'm just stupid?

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Hole on they might be talking about just Pixel Junk Monster Deluxe for the PSP and now available on the Vita, but then it cuts in 2 other games Shooter 2 and Sidescroller only confusing me further...

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