Give The Gift of Zombies for Halloween

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So Popcap is teaming up with the American Dental Association to let you print up coupons which give out free copies of Plants Vs. Zombies to trick or treaters instead of candy. Which I have to say if I can't get candy from a house, getting a free game out of it is better than say, an apple or a toothbrush...

At the very least, something tells me they aren't going to stop you if you use said coupon for yourself.

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Specific instructions:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Press "Get Game".

Step 3: Fill out your e-mail address info.

Step 4: Enter Game Code "PEAH8R".

Step 5: Get Plants vs. Zombies for free.

Step 6: Download the installer from your e-mail and make sure you have the code that comes in the e-mail.

Step 7: Install the free trial version you downloaded through your e-mail.

Step 8: Choose "already purchased game" and enter the code in your e-mail.

Step 9: Congratulations. Enjoy your free copy of Plants vs. Zombies!


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