CV: Casting Voice(Voice actor adventure game) announced

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Namco Bandai just announced a new game called CV: Casting Voice.

As a producer, players will communicate with fictional voice actors and carry out casting and recording sessions. Players can freely decide who to cast for their projects. As your value as a producer rises, you’ll be able to use scripts and cast members you couldn’t use earlier. Scripts range from original works to Namco Bandai-related works. From the young to the more experienced, over 40 voice actors will be participating.


This seems like a bit like Idolmaster but with an more interesting background. It also reminded me a bi of Koenchu the Tale of the voice actress which is a totally free Visual Novel about 2 people that want to become voice actor.

None or less this sounds like an interesting game. But I somehow doubt that this will come out in the West as well...

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Ah damn, I thought it was a game where we would get to do all the voices for the characters. That would be super awesome. And your friends could pitch too. Imagine the hilarity!

Anyways I'll just take my dream game and go.

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That is a pretty cool idea for a game. Maybe?

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So Troy Baker And Nolan North automatically confirmed??

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