Is it worth buying a PS3 now?

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So, I've kind of been interested in possibly investing in a PS3 and that Playstation Plus thing after hearing about it's features at E3 this year. Plus, there are so many PS3 games that look really good that I really want to play such as Infamous, Little Big Planet, and God of War. I just still don't know if the $300 price I've been seeing it for is worth playing all those games and I have a 360 that I enjoy and all that.

Is it worth buying a new system just to play some new games if I already have a good one right in front of me?

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Right now with PlayStation Plus Infamous 2 and LittleBigPlanet 2 are free. I'd jump on it soon. :)

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yeah i'd say pickup ps plus and whatever few games were egging you to get a ps3 and you'll be set till the next gen.

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Yes. It has been worth it for a while.

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$350 for a PS3 bundle and PS+ is worth it, and you have an amazing backlog of games you can buy for cheap now.

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If you have the disposable income required to do so, yes.

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BEST SYSTEM. if you don't buy this, now, you miss out on so many gems. WHAT ARE YOU DOING, GO! NOW!

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Wait for Holiday season. Price drop is very possible.

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@Zacagawea said:

Wait for Holiday season. Price drop is very possible.

I agree with this assessment.  I wouldn't expect a price drop, but if you're price-sensitive on this issue, then you're better off waiting.
#10 Posted by Lego_My_Eggo (1082 posts) -

@Spoonman671 said:

@Zacagawea said:

Wait for Holiday season. Price drop is very possible.

I agree with this assessment. I wouldn't expect a price drop, but if you're price-sensitive on this issue, then you're better off waiting.

Actually there is a new slimmer PS3 that the FCC is testing, so there could be a price drop sometime soon.

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@Lego_My_Eggo: Not a bad idea. I was probably going to have to save up until Holiday season anyway but, yeah, this is probably what i should do. Thanks to everyone answering!

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I'm in the market for a PS3 now, but I have the impression there's a price drop and/or new model coming pretty soon. I almost always advise against waiting for new models of tech, but it seems like this is the worst point in the cycle to buy.

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They're cheap, and there's probably over a year before new consoles hit, so you've got plenty of time to play the dozen or so exclusives before then.

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Hell yea it's worth it. I play mine every day. Way better than 360. When you buy a new one, you get a month free of PS Plus. So depending on how much you play games, you could probably get your fill of LBP 2 and Infamous 2 within a month of when you activate the code.

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Fuck no!!! Not the answer you expected from a blue name huh? Well I wanted to be different. Taste my surprises.

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The new redesign doesn't do anything for me though. Toploading? Ick.

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Just throwing this out there, but if you've stood by this long and not felt compelled to get a PS3, I think you might be better off banking the money until the new systems come out. I can see why I person might feel compelled now, but if I didn't already own one, I wouldn't be getting a new one. (I was just thinking about this the other day because my PS3 disk drive has started to go on the fritz and I've already decided I won't be replacing it if it does happen.)

#18 Posted by iam3green (14368 posts) -

yes, it's worth it. just think, some of the great games are cheaper now also.

#19 Posted by Hizang (9359 posts) -

I wish people would stop making these threads, of course it is.

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@Hizang: Some people might say that it's too late in the cycle so that's why I asked. Sorry.

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@ThatIndianGuy7116: The best time to buy a new console is close to the end of a cycle. Not only is the console much cheaper but you get so many fantastic titles at such a low price. The way things are going I doubt the PS4 will let you play PS3 games anyway.

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Definitely buy one. Get one of 320 GB models and sign up for PS Plus. You will have tons to play and have spent only around $350 or so. It's totally worth it. I don't think redesign, if it comes out at all anywhere outside of Japan will be worth waiting for in the least.

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Well that is a large investment for most people. I too used the "those games look cool!" approach and listened to everybody and semi regret it. Heavy Rain was an awesome experience, but most of the other games I have played so far have been well overhyped. I would recommend trying to play these games beforehand if possible.

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Basing ur interest in a PS3 by Heavy Rain is like basing ur interest in the XBOX 360 on Child of Eden. There are a TON of games for the PS3 and these days the games are going to look better and run better on the PS3 because it's hardware is just a tiny bit better than the XBOX 360. But I think the best reason is be able to download and play around 12 games completely for free if you pick up the PS Plus. Games like Warhammer, Just Cause 2, Infamous 2, Littlebig Plant 2.... If ur going to get a PS3 eventually anyway, you might as well get one now. If not, invest the money in a PC. One steam sales and your golden. After all, Christmas is coming. :)

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Buying consoles during the back end of the cycle is usually a good idea imo, nice backlog of cheap games. PS+ is also pretty cool.

I have a PS3, I'm actually considering a 360 this holiday season, for these same reasonsl.

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I wouldn't pay full fare for any game console right now, not when the next big thing will be out next year. I'd look for a used console to get your fix for now if you feel like you really need a PS3.

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If you already have a 360 then I'd say no. I haven't found the ps3 exclusives to be worth buying a console over.

#28 Posted by RustySanderke (117 posts) -

Like many people you are getting desperate for something new. Seeing as how you're content with your 360 and you list Western good, yet overrated, PS3 exclusives, you are in for a disappointment. You'd be better off saving the money for next generation or a PC.

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Its worth getting...Ratchet and Clank series alone makes it worth getting. Infamous series adds to the worth but then the SLy Cooper Series, Uncharted, and Little Big Planet make it virtually a must get.

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Just buy it used.

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Don't be ridiculous OP, of course it's worth it!

Plenty of exclusives on the way too, and add those to the ones already on the system and you will well get more than your moneys worth.

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just wait

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I got my PS3 about 6 months ago and I don't regret it. There's a decent library of exclusive games out there now which means you will immediately have a stack of stuff to play through, and with upcoming titles like The Last of Us, Playstation All-stars, and Beyond, there are still plenty of games to look forward to.

At this stage you can also get a PS3 for relatively cheap, so it's not even that much of a commitment.

I do most of my game-playing on PC these days, but despite that, and the fact that I already own a 360, I still think my purchase of a PS3 was the right move.

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of course. more so than ever.

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Absolutely worth it. That console is still impressing me and I'm far gone over to the PC world. I just can't seem to scrap it, there's always something unique being released there.

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Its worth it but with the new consoles on the horizon you could wait it off. However the PS3 has a large exclusive library that could keep you busy for a long time. Its a toss up but it could be up to years before the PS4. Shown next year and then released the following year. So if your okay with the fact in 2 or less years the new one will be out go for it. Never the less its exclusives are worth buying it. (Uncharted, Infamous, God of War, Journey, Ratchet and Clank to name a few.)

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you can get a used console pretty cheap. i think 300$ for the top model is a rip off.

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No brainer, Yes. Only console in my opinion with legs. Meaning it will still be producing quality content for the next couple of years. I just bought the Ratchet and Clank HD and finished the first game last week. Its really polished and still fresh. I also got the demo for Sly Cooper with the game and it has the quality of a Pixar movie. Who needs new consoles? Dont forget Playstation Plus, and Killzone HD next week. 

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