My ps3 disk drive wont work

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I wanted to play downstairs with my friends on all our ps3's but after i got everything downstairs and hooked up i put in my disk i hear a load click sound and the disk ejects, after a few tries with the exact same thing happening each time, i turn off my ps3 and shook it slightly and i could hear some stuff rattle around (more then usual). I then pluged it back in and put a disk in, it stayed in for about a minute before i self ejected and each try after that it would eject after about a second or two. anyone know exactly whats wrong?

i have a 160gig slim

If i do have to send it in i bought it not even out of the package from a guy off of cragslist who bought it off of amazon a year ago, how do i get proof of purchase?

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Well, if it was still in the package, then the stuff you need to send it in should be in the box. (?) I'm not sure.

I'd recommend trying to go onto Sony's support forums and find out there. If it is still under warranty, then no problem, send it in to them (don't tell them you shook it though). If it isn't, well, you're probably SOL unless you know someone who can open things and repair them.

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i might have forgot to say that its a little under a year old i have no idea where any of the stuff is

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Same thing happened to mine. Luckily, I was out of warranty so I could open it up and fix the problem. What happened was that the disc tray has spring loaders on either side of it. One of them had gotten off it's track. I just snapped it back in, and now it works perfectly.

What probably happened to yours is that the loader was off track, which can cause the two halves of the disc tray to split open. Which can then lead to one of the cogs becoming displaced. Which is probably what that sound was.

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you know of a youtube video on how to fix this id rather know what to look for before i open it up

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This happened to me. I bought a new slim. Sony also offers to repair these things but it could cost you up to 200$ and they refuse to tell you how much you have to pay until after you've sent it to them (and you have then agreed to pay whatever they say). Fixing it yourself could also work and probably nothing to lose really.

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My ps3 has a similar issue, I read somewhere that if you tilt it backwards when you put the disk in, it will read. This works for me, even though it still sucks.

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I think ive decided that im just going to send it into sony because i can afford whatever number they throw at me and id rather just get it done right the first time.

o well...

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Dropping things with mechanical hard drives in them is bad. M'kay? THe good news is that PS3 will take off the shelf 2.5" SATA hard drives. Easily orderable from newegg or purchased from a local computer parts store. Just plug it in and let the OS do it's thing. Next time don't you(or your "friends") drop your PS3.

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my disc drive broke, and I brought it to a computer shop and got it replaced for 65 bucks. I would try that route first.

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@ShadowSkill11: You know i wasnt talking about the hard drive right?

@hoossy: Already sent it in and got it fixed, o well it was only money.

Lastly my last post was over 3 weeks ago, this thread doesnt need more activity...

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