My PS3 is suddenly noisy all the time

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So, I'm wondering what has happened: I have an old (~2008) fat PS3 with a custom 500GB HDD. In the past it was always perfectly silent, and only started getting noisy when I played graphics-heavy games like GTAIV. 
Now, however, it turns on the fans ~5-10 minutes after boot. Even if it's just standing on the XMB doing nothing or if it's playing a movie. 
I'm assuming it's dust-related, but how do I go about doing a complete clean of the damn thing? I've tried vacuuming the vents, canned air and that sort of thing, but that doesn't get to the inner parts of the PS3. Do I have to *gasp* it? 
Also, I'm pretty sure the warranty has expired anyway.

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Do I have to *gasp* it 
Good luck with that. I would not know where to begin.
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If it's warm outside then there's your problem, plus the PS3 needs a lot of room to breathe, it needs at least a 12 inch gap behind it or more if you want a quiet console, especially during the heat. Also, don't use a vacuum, it causes static to build on your circuits, which isn't a good thing.

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It's probably warm, you should still vacuum it to help it out a little bit, but if you live in a palce that's going through an intense heat wave or something that may be the reason. Either way its overheating.

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Gta 4 killed my ps3, it's too much graphics for it, which will create heat on the gpu, then the fans will go up to cool it. I'm just theorizing, i'm not sure, however it's better than an overheated gpu.  

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turn it upside down
hold the ON button in
that should initiate the fan test
it removes dust
see if it helps

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my ps3 slim cracks sometimes lol

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@MrCellophane:  If it's a fat PS3, I'm assuming your warranty is over. I say go ahead and open the PS3 and air dust the hell out of it. This is what I did. Air dusted every hole, nook, and cranny of that thing. I did NOT do a full disassembly, just took off the two outer shells. I turned the PS3 on and air dusted while its fan was running as well. That worked really well. Youtube has great instructional videos on how to open it up. Mine became quiet again. BTW it IS summer, so that could be a factor if you don't have AC.
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Well I was gonna say to clean the fans but you already know so I guess call Sony and ask for help.

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@Zajtalan said:
" my ps3 slim cracks sometimes lol "
hey that always happens to my ps3 slim only after i finish playing a game & turn the ps3 slim makes some small cracking sounds ! anyone know whats it doin??
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Mine started making a weird noise, so I reset the system back to original settings (no I did not erase everything) and the noise went away. I, then, fixed the things back how I wanted it and haven't had a peep out of it since. Try it.

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My ps3 was getting noisy whenever I played a dvd movie but that hasn't happened for awhile now.
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I had the same issue when I purchased a used PS3 over eBay. I opened it up and vacuumed out all the dust which caused the fans to run much quieter. Might want to try that if you don't have a warranty anymore.

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You need to clean your system weekly, like a vacuum to the vents is all you need, and the USB ports/HDD area.

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The thing is once a vent is dirty you will not get it clean ever again. Once the noise start humming you have to replace the vent.

Take it to a repair shop and have them install a new one.

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Is it not already well known that this does more harm than good? Sony stated this as well as other users. Stop spreading this false information around as being useful when it could break someones console.
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@jvsexy said:
" @Zajtalan said:
" my ps3 slim cracks sometimes lol "
 hey that always happens to my ps3 slim only after i finish playing a game & turn the ps3 slim makes some small cracking sounds ! anyone know whats it doin?? "
Thermal expansion.

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