Playstation Network Issues

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Hey folks,

I've been going through my backlog of games and picked up a huge stack of PS3 games and ripped the plastic off them to get them all updated and install all of the DLC before it expires.

This has introduced to me to the fact that my Playstation apparently hates the PSNetwork. I have tried my very best to solve this on my own but I guess it can't be done on my end without some of your help.

My Playstation runs games fine, I pop in the disc, it boots right up, and away I go.

It connects to the Internet just fine, but it was not connecting to the PSNetwork for weeks. I restored it to default settings and tried everything, it would not do it. I have gotten it to connect to the PSNetwork since but any updates or downloads have been so ungodly slow that I've been pulling out my hair. (SOCOM 4 has a 500MB update that took almost 6 hours to DL *I have a 100MBps connection*)

It's a shot in the dark if the Playstation even connects to the PSNetwork at all. So far it's been 50/50 for the last week, and once it connects it just hangs and crashes with an Internet Connection error (yet I can run Netflix just fine)

So basically problem is...

! - PS3 won't stay connected to PSN / PS3 won't download files except at a snail's pace before hanging up - !

Fixes I've attempted...

1 - Restored PS3 to Default Settings

2 - Rebooted my Router

3 - Gave the PS3 a Static IP and put it on DMZ

4 - Forwarded all the necessary ports


My 360 and Wii both work perfectly fine. I downloaded approximately 3GB of DLC to my 360 in less than 10 minutes this morning. As I said the PS3 has been taking hours to do anything even remotely important.


Am I the only one having this annoying issue? Is this a normal thing for PS3 users nowadays? Are there any fixes anyone knows about?

Forgive me if this question has been asked but I've read all the FAQs on Playstation Forums and can't seem to find any answers as to why this is happening. Thanks for any help you can give me! (Also I know this post is a mess and the grammar is terrible but it's 3:40AM and I'm dozing off...)

Thanks again duders...

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When you say you restored your PS3 to it's default settings, did you do it through "Settings" in the XMB, or by holding down the power button until the console beeps? You would be surprised what the latter has fixed for me.

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