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I just wanted to point out to those people who are unaware, the amazing deals Playstation Plus has available right now. I'm astonished! Very very cool.

Current free downloads:

Warhammer 40k: Space Marine

Little Big Planet 2

Infamous 2

Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One

Just Cause 2

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

Saints Row 2

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This has been posted so many times by now. Don't think we need yet another thread.

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I feel so confused by how PlayStation Plus works...

So lets say I buy it now... download Saints Row 2 and nothing else. Can I download the other games in a few months when the list changes? What about if I don't renew PS Plus then decided to at later date... do I still get Saints Row 2 (I know it's unplayable while the subscription isn't active). Do I still have access to the games I was a subscriber during after I let it lapse and renew? Should I instead download all the games every month and then they'll be tied to my account indefinitely? Do you even always have access to these games or is it only during that month?

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@PandaBear: You have to "buy" the games when they're available for free, you don't have to download them right there and then (as they can be accessed from your previous purchases). So as long as you buy the items you'll have the license for them.  These licensees are tied to your account for the length of your subscription, once your subscription is over you lose access to the games you got. However, when you subscribe again you'll regain access to all your previous games.
So say you buy 3 months (the minimum) and then you "buy" each game that's free during that time. You'll be able to play those games for the length of your subscription. Then afterwards say you don't renew for another 3 months but then decide after those 3 months to subscribe again you'll regain access to the games you "bought" during your previous 3 months as well as anything that's currently free on the store.
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@PandaBear: you should download everything because then everything will be in your download list. it's a light switch. You get light while the switch is on and not when the switch it off. Renewing after having lapse for a while is just turning the switch back on. The is nothing confusing about PS+ at all.
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@PandaBear: It's not that complicated. The "free" games are available in a temporary capacity as they rotate out periodically. If you become a PS+ member and Saints Row 2 is no longer available for a free download then you have missed your chance at getting it. This is the case even if you became a member before SR2 was made available for free. You only will have access to the free games that will eventually rotate out if you actually "purchase" them from the store and add them to your download queue. You don't need to actually, fully download them for them to be available to you for free while your PS+ sub lasts, but it needs to be added to your download queue before it rotates out of the PS Store.

These free games last as long as your PS+ sub lasts, as long as you acquire them while they're still available on the store.

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@PandaBear: No once the list changes you cant download the games that used to be available.

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@PandaBear: You have access to every game you've ever downloaded always and forever, as long as your subscription is active. What I do, if I don't actually plan on downloading a game, is clicking the "download" icon to put it in my download list, but not actually download it. Then, months later, if I want to download it, I can.
You also will always be able to download the free games if you let your trial expire and then resubscribe.
So if you download SR2 and nothing else, then let it expire, next year when you resubscribe, you will be able to play Saint's Row 2.
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Yeah there's already a thread on this in the Playstation Plus forums I think. Fantastic deal!

I was always going to get inFamous 2 and wanted to play Space Marine so just there it works out in my favour. Was enough to get me to fork over the cash. Now I find myself playing Saints Row 2 and Hard Corp Uprising instead, hah.

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I should post more (dumb) question on Giant Bomb haha ... I got good answers. Thanks for the help guys

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